Multi-Project Holding Company (MPHCO), stationed in Riyadh City of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is renowned for its pioneering role in education, healthcare and outsourcing business investment. While leading a range of affiliates, MPHCO is engaged in the development of the essential services deemed necessary for both individuals and communities in the KSA and globe. The Company is gearing towards cooperation with the leading educational, healthcare and outsourcing entities in order to guarantee limitless success and provide value to customers worldwide.


In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, MPHCO is engaged in education reform process which is the corner stone for the development of any nations that is looking for the prosperity of its youths. Reform of the education sector is integral to Vision 2030 as a means to improve employment opportunities for young Saudis.

Technology is deemed to be the key to achieve the desirable educational development and to keep up with future trends of growth. Therefore, MPHCO is keenly interested in coping with the technological streamline across the globe. The Company devotes all resources deemed necessary for the achievement of the educational progress in line with the global educational and technological development. Because education is one of its fundamental objectives, MPHCO has already centered its position in the marketplace to play its pivotal role as anticipated by both public & private sectors


Admittedly, all services provided by the health sector are essential for everyone, therefore MPHCO has a vested interest in investing its resources in the healthcare sector. The Company provides the most essential services helping in the development of healthcare sector, locally and globally, in order to achieve the desirable strategic development. MPHCO’s core mission is to make available all healthcare-related necessities and to ensure easy access thereto by the public.

To ensure public benefit from healthcare services across Saudi Arabia, the company strives diligently to streamlines its facilities and services by investing in the state-of-the-art technologies and innovations in a country where market is widely open for investment with all facilities availed for local, regional and international investments.

Outsourcing business

Nowadays, the outsourcing business has a great impact in Gulf states and Middle East due to the fast-growing technological development. MPHCO has already accumulated considerable experience in the outsourcing business where professional hired third parties play the pivotal role in carrying out the Company vision and mission.

To that extent, MPHCO is devoting resources to help its customers improve performance speed and quality, reduce capacity gaps, access to intellectual capital, reach new markets and accelerate innovation. The business process outsourcing by the Company involves hiring only those experienced businesses that properly manage functions, streamline thoughts & facilities, respond promptly to the Company requirements and fulfill the market’s demanding needs. Growing demands for education & health sectors necessitate on the spot response to services, particularly those essential for human development and life.

MPHCO is always there to listen to your words, respond to your calls and take you to action, as its actions speak of themselves.

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