Investment in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s geographical location, oil wealth, vast mineral resources, economic policies, and open domestic market, as well as the privatization projects and investment incentives offered by the Saudi government, make Saudi Arabia the best site for investment in the Middle East. Generally, investment in Saudi Arabia realizes high profit ratios for local, foreign, and shared projects, with a low exposure to risk and an uncomplicated tax system.


In a time where the world is still struggling with an unprecedented health crises, our staff remain our first priority and greatest assets believing that they are the primary reason for sustainability and integrity of our performance therefore, we mobilize our efforts to protect and maintain the wellbeing of our employees in the workplace, taking on and implementing all the required precautionary measures.

The new premises move-in

In the onset of 2021, Multi Project Holding Company (MPHCO) has moved to a brand new building holding within all services sectors. The CEO of MPHCO has stated that this move is the strategic breakthrough on expanding its sectors.